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Copywriters – Sell Any eCommerce Product With These 7 Copywriting Tips


Honestly, Magento has find a way to blend the best areas of the previously mentioned platforms into one great package that’s still just as free because others. Currently, most customers begin their shopping experiences at search engines.

Copywriters, do you create eCommerce product descriptions that capture the consumer’s attention and ultimately sell product? eCommerce retailers are already gearing up for the holiday season and looking to boost sales in this lackluster economy. Those with sales-generating descriptions in their online store catalogs are a step ahead of the competition. Black Friday falls the day after Thanksgiving for retail « brick and mortar stores » and the following « Cyber Monday » belongs to online retailers. Make sure the copy you write engages consumer emotion and fulfills a need.

Last year, eCommerce stores saw $1 billion in sales, surpassing the total sales for Cyber Monday in 2009. For the 2011 holiday season, be sure the product descriptions you write get clients a piece of that billion-dollar pie. As a copywriter, creating online catalog descriptions that bring value to your client means you stand to see repeat business!

Analyze the product descriptions you write from the consumer’s perspective. ecommerce data entry Do product descriptions sound like a dry owner’s manual or filled with « fluff » words that offer no value to the consumer? Have you used keyword rich phrases so the consumer’s product is « found » in organic searches? If not, your client could have the greatest product in the world, but no one will ever know!

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when creating and writing descriptions that engage the consumer and generate sales.

Know your audience. Who are you creating the copy for? Sports enthusiasts, teens, hobbyists?
Suggest multiple uses for a product. The more functionality of a product the better!
Make every word count so you don’t waste the consumer’s time
Reach beyond words such as « easy,  » « great,  » and « perfect » with a quick thesaurus check
Appeal to consumer emotional hot buttons
Help consumers see, hear, taste, smell and feel the product. Web surfers are staring at a computer screen and need details provided.
Be sure your copy is original – duplicate copy is penalized
Catalog and eCommerce (online) product descriptions must capture the consumer’s attention and then ultimately get them to buy the product. Online retailers depend on sales year-round so copywriters must think beyond the winter holiday season. There are other holidays and events throughout the year such as Valentines, Easter, Mother’s Day, weddings in June, etc. that require sales-generating descriptions. Give your client keyword rich (not keyword « stuffed ») descriptions that resonate with the consumer and compel them to purchase your client’s product.

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