Accueil Non classé How to Install an APC Replacement Battery Into the SU1400Net Unit

How to Install an APC Replacement Battery Into the SU1400Net Unit


In this article, I will be showing you how to install your own apc replacement battery into APC’s Smart-UPS 1400 unit. This particular unit contains the RBC7 battery pack manufactured by APC. Now, when you are shopping for your SU1400NET replacement battery, it is recommended that you purchase a quality brand such as power-sonic, CSB, or vision battery.

To begin the installation, you must first remove the plastic face plate from the very front of the unit. The plate is held on by a few pressure clips positioned on the top and sides of the unit that will simply « pop » out once enough pressure is used. Once you have the face plate off of the SU1400NET unit, you should see a metal latch secured to the frame by two small metal screws located at the very top of the latch. Once these screws are removed, the latch can now be pulled open to reveal the RBC7 battery pack.

The RBC7 replacement battery that you will need to replace the spent one will consist of two 12v 18 amp hour sealed lead acid batteries with nut and bolt connectors. All you need to do in order to make your own RBC7 replacement battery are the batteries themselves, both the wiring and the fuse linkage from your old RBC7 battery can be taken off and used on your new pack. iPhone battery supplier 

Once you have constructed your RBC7 replacement battery, it is time to remove the old pack. To do this, you must slide the battery out of the unit until you can reach the grey anderson plug. The plug is actually two clips that pressure fit together, so a good tug or two should separate your old battery from the unit. Once this is done, fully remove the spent battery pack and hook up your newly constructed APC replacement battery. Once you have plugged the battery’s clip into the unit, then all you have to do is slide the battery into the unit the rest of the way and seal up the metal latch. Once the metal latch is secured to the unit’s frame, just replace the plastic face plate and your done! Congrats on installing your own APC replacement battery!

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