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PetQwerks Talking Babble Balls are the cutest, safest little puppy toys that your dog will ever have and never outgrow as they make great dogs toys too!

Apart from chew toys, which a puppy needs (otherwise they’ll chew on anything to hand which is not safe or a good idea for you! ), they should be given a safe, fun toy that is also educational in teaching your puppy co-ordination. Interactive toys are educational and the most popular type of toys for dogs or pups. But Yorkie Puppy 

So what do these great little PetQwerks dog balls do? Whenever they are moved, and I mean even slightly, they start talking to your dog, saying cute little things like « How are you today, little doggie » and « Now I’ve got you »! Puppies and dogs go mad chasing this interactive toy – it rolls easily on any surface and being made of hard plastic, they are tough dog toys (a big bonus! ). They are inexpensive, cute puppy toys that really last, giving your pup or dog great fun, over and over – you can’t say that about many dogs toys!

The talking dog balls come in a variety of bright colours and three sizes – it’s important to make sure you get the right size (your pup or dog should not be able to get the whole ball in their mouth). My westie dog has both the medium and the large (he’s spoilt! ). A small breed pup would need the small dog ball and any larger pup should start out with the medium size. The large size would suit all grown dogs.

These PetQwerks Talking Babble Balls now have replaceable batteries, so no more ditching the toy because the batteries are worn out! This new feature makes this dogs toy ideal and more economical as the balls themselves rarely break, however boisterous your pup or dog is, these are tough dog toys.

It’s so cute to see these dogs toys in action (I only give my dog his for 20 minutes each day as they wear him out playing). They are great toys if you like to join in the fun playing with your dog, or the family cat does! The dogs toys are safe for kids and the small talking ball is often bought for cats, so it will keep everyone happy and safe, with no small pieces to harm anyone.

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