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Why Urban Wear is Pretty Cool Right Now


Fashion changes regularly, year on year, month on month. From the sixties onward trends have been set by the famous, and followed by the general public. Urban wear is an interesting category within the fashion industry because of the demographic of the buyers of this style of clothing, and the inspiration in the designs used. From Ed Hardy and Jack and Jones to more high-end designers such as Calvin Klein and Gucci, this particular clothing niche has been embraced widely across the whole fashion industry. urban wear

The reasons for the growing popularity in urban wear can be traced back to its origins in the early 1980s. Hip hop was evolving as a unique and original style of music amongst the young, black community in New York. To accompany this new style of music, a new style of dressing developed. Loose and baggy was the order of the day, and associations between the rap performers and the clothes that they wore quickly spread. Moving forward a couple of decades and this new style is still prevalent and still popular. It has changed obviously, but the basics have remained pretty similar to the its origins. Not content with just starting a trend, many rap stars have their own clothing ranges, which can make them as much money as their actual records.

Urban wear has spread from its origins on the East Coast of the USA to become a worldwide fashion trend. No longer underground, this style of clothing is as popular amongst the white middle class as it is with its young black exponents. Clothing ranges from companies such as Jack and Jones have combined the surfer ethics with the urban style to produce loose fitting jeans and tops that have a timeless quality to them, which is popular around the world, and covers most age groups. Definitely not formal, but still effortlessly trendy, urban wear appears to be the one fashion trend that will endure from year to year, rather than disappear overnight. Click the links below to find more examples of the type of clothing discussed in this article.

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