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Automated Gold Testing Systems


These metal detectors are not as complex as one may perceive them to be. They are basically made up of three components; a coil, a power supply and a control box. Most of the work depends solely on the functioning of the control box since it is the main hub of metal detection. The control box works on a principle that tests the conductivity of the metal.  Gold hallmarking lab in Bangladesh

Gold has a specific thermal level that indicates its karats. In the event of this gold being amalgamated with any other metal such as iron, steel or any other higher thermal conductor, the metal detector will be capable of giving out a signal. This target signal indicates the presence of a foreign metal placed within the gold thereby reducing its purity levels. There are a variety of metal detectors that have various features and capabilities in being able to perform a variety of tests in determining the genuineness of gold. These variables are found in regards to the technology used, ground balance and operational frequency.

Following a more traditional approach to gold testing, there are a number of manual devices that offer to produce results. One of the most widespread methodologies used is the stone-scratch technique where a dark acid stone is used by scratching a piece of gold jewelry on its surface. An incremental change in color of the stone when an acid drop is placed on it will render the purity of the metal.

Different acids help denote the karat levels of the stone. While the process can take longer than an instant metal detector, they are more sought after due to its cheaper rate. It is best advised to search for a reliable acid test method as there are plenty of fake testers available in the market as well.

Irrespective of an individual purchasing an automated or manual testing device, it is imperative to procure the item from a reputed dealer that specializes in jewelry testing.

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