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Laser Combat Games – Lock, Load and Snipe!


Do you love watching action movies on TV? Do you wish you could take part in adrenaline-pumping combat, just like they show it in those movies? Enter laser combat games; a whole new genre of outdoor gaming that combines high-octane combat with realistic environments that make it an unforgettable experience. Team up with your buddies and snipe through your opponent team, in your quest to earn more points than your enemies. The team that accumulates more points amongst the two wins the game, so make your shots count. комбатс

The Playground

Laser combat games are played in vast outdoor environments that have been designed to depict different scenarios. The playing areas provide vast, open grounds for no holds barred showdowns, as well as thick forest canopies with dense foliage, which is perfect for taking out your foes through stealthy sniping. That’s not all. There are ruined cities to explore, crashed airplanes to scavenge for enemy intel and combat tanks to blow up with explosives. It is a danger zone, in which the hunter of one moment can easily become the hunted in the next.

The Gear

Laser combat games are played with military-style replica versions of assault rifles, pistols and sniper rifles. The guns do not contain any kind of projectile-based ammunition. Instead, they emit an infra-red beam when the trigger is pulled. The beams are completely painless and do not cause injuries. However, you should always avoid shooting a beam directly into someone’s eyes. Also, tackling the landforms in the play areas can be a challenge on its own, so make sure to wear comfortable boots with ankle guards to prevent injury to your feet while trudging through dense foliage, muddy pits and stepping on rocks. Camouflage outfits, coveralls and other accessories, such as goggles and spare battery packs for the weapons are usually supplied by the organisers themselves.

The Missions

The missions vary greatly in terms of objectives and viable strategies. There are relatively simple search and rescue missions, in which you have to locate the hostage or POW, and get him to safety while dodging enemy fire. Other missions like Capture the Flag may require you to capture the enemy’s flag from no-man’s land and carry it back to your base, while your teammates provide covering fire to keep your foes at bay. There are search and recovery missions too, in which your objective is to recover top secret documents from enemy strongholds and carry those behind the enemy’s line of control. Most of the missions have one common characteristic, though. They all need perfect teamwork. You simply can’t hope to duke it out there alone and still finish the mission. Careful strategic planning and teamwork can make a mission a success, while charging out to the open can get your team neutralised by enemy snipers in no time at all.

So, all you gamers who spend your afternoons thumbing up a storm in your Xbox 3600 may wish to give that box some much needed rest. Step out of your homes; there is a world of excitement waiting for you to explore it. All you have to do is show up at your nearest laser combat gaming zone. Hurry, book your timeslot today

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