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The Best Blog Sites to Make a Bucket Load of Cash


More than just being a hobby, it would be more wonderful if you would earn money with the time you spend with the best blog sites. To know more about earning through blogs, read this article.

You can earn money in many ways with your blog. These ways are through affiliate programs promotion, paid reviews and selling advertisements. You can place advertisements on the great blog sites to get money. This is a simple and free way to earn money in the internet. enfblogs

There are many blogs that can be found in the blogosphere. The question is – how will you get the advertisers to place their advertisements on your blog? The answer to this question is simple. You just have to make use of advertising networks which an aid in earning money online.

The blogging society is a brutal industry. Statistics show that only 5% of bloggers are earning big bucks. But you can also earn big bucks by blogging in the great blog sites. If you already have your own blog, you can visit the best blog sites such as ReviewMe, PayPerPost, SponsoredReview, Blogitive and Blogsvertise.

ReviewMe acts just like a connection center between the bloggers and advertisers. All you need is to join as a member for free and then start accepting blogging requests in order for you to earn money. If the blog comes with a page rank (PR) that is high, it will be more advantageous.

The PayPerPost is the biggest sponsored blogging network that has great offers and at the same time, has a society of bloggers who are very lively and active. If you have interest in affiliate programs, you may opt to visit this site which is considered as one of the most convenient options.

The SponsoredReview is a blog site which mimics the ReviewMe blog site. The SponsoredReview blog site offers more additional features such as the capability in bidding for projects. The best description that would fit this is auction. This is one of the easiest although they don’t have the right number of advertisers. You have the chance to earn at least $10 and at most $500 every review.

Blogitive is an unusual choice wherein you will be paid with a rate of approximately $5 for every advertiser. This is applicable even if your blog is not that big or not very popular. You can get cash instantly because they are paying through PayPal.

The next blog site is different from all the rest, in such a way that it determines and matches the advertisers’ offers into the profile. It is referred to as Blogvertise. It is your choice if you will accept it or deny it. There is one thing for sure – you will be paid on time.

A WordPress blog is the most adaptable and easy to use when you need to converse with your readers. However you need to build a relationship with them before embarking on profiting from them. After all, would you buy anything from somebody you don’t know or trust? Building a responsive list of subscribers is the most effective way to make money from the best blog sites.

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