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The Many Varieties of Tungsten Carbide Rings


When looking into the world of tungsten carbide rings, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the shear quantity of varieties and choices available. What does each category mean, what are the pluses and minuses of each, where does one even begin? This article will try to shed some light on each major category so that you can be well informed when you go to look into purchasing a tungsten ring. Faceted Tungsten Rings

The Original High Polished Ring
This category holds your regular run of the mill tungsten carbide rings. Highly polished but with little else to speak of, these rings are simplistic but elegant. Many vendors offer a domed or beveled curvature to add a little excitement to the ring. A domed design gives the ring a little more depth, which many find truly desirable. Overall, you can’t go wrong with solid simplicity.

Tungsten Rings With Inlays
Want to add a bit of classic style to your ring? Perhaps the inlaid ring is for you. This design has a ring of precious metal either in the center or edges of the tungsten ring. Typically you see bronze, platinum, or gold for the inlay metals, but sometimes you can even find mokume (‘wood grain metal’) designs. The contrast between the tungsten and inlay metal draws attention to the ring and looks quite beautiful. The downside to an inlaid ring is in the large difference in physical properties between the tungsten and the other metal. Owners of tungsten rings can attest that they rarely, if ever, worry about things nicking or scratching their near-indestructible ring. With an inlaid ring, however, the inlay metal is always much softer and more prone to being scratched. This means that you need to be a bit more careful with the ring. Some regular maintenance may also be required to ensure that the inlay metal stays as shiny as the tungsten.

Faceted Rings
Faceted tungsten rings are basically regular tungsten rings which have been cut by diamonds to achieve a gem-like look. With a faceted ring, you get multiple faces which look out at a variety of angles. This is good in that it allows a lot of the ambient light to be reflected off of the ring, drawing attention to your unique piece of jewelry. And with a tungsten ring, you never really need to worry about the facet edges getting dull or rounding out. The facets in a ring can be located just in the center band or just around the edges, or encompass the whole ring itself.

Brushed and Grooved Tungsten Rings
This category holds tungsten rings which have been given extra artistic style with some simple tricks. A brushed ring is simply one that has been dulled to give it more of the look of a titanium ring. A grooved ring has had a groove put in around the band by a diamond tipped blade to add some artistic finish.

You Can’t Go Wrong
In the end, you really can’t go wrong with a tungsten ring of any variety. Just get out there and find the one that best suits your individual tastes. Happy hunting!

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