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Common Windows Problems and How to Fix Them


Working with Windows is very functional and convenient. However, because of its high functionality, the system tends to work with a lot of applications and programs all at once, which can be the source of unexpected computer issues. Fixing Bee

There are a handful of Windows problems that you will encounter. The good thing is that they can now be repaired manually without being a tech-savvy. Here are some of the most common Windows problems and the methods on how they can be fixed.

1. Slow computer.

First thing you need to know is if your unit is the source of the problem. Problems with sluggish video buffering and webpage browsing are mistakenly blamed to the computer, when it is not its fault. It is primarily caused by a slow internet connection. If you are experiencing slow Windows shutdown, hanging or crashing applications, or slowly-executing or staggering basic computer functions, then this might be caused by an error in the system.

To fix this, you can check your hard drive for possible corruptions, or if it is running out of space enough to affect your PC’s performance. Update it by removing unnecessary files and programs to free up some space.

2. Computer keeps on restarting.

This is normal if you are running a Windows Update since it automatically restarts your computer when initiated. However, if it keeps on restarting for no particular reason, then action should be taken immediately to fix this issue. A computer restart can be caused by a software or hardware issue. This might be coming from problems with graphic cards and system drivers. It can also be caused by a malware attack.

To fix this, update your device drivers to ensure that they are working properly. Another one is to do a full computer scan to isolate viruses that are affecting your files.

3. Random sounds are heard, or no sound is heard, at all.

If you are hearing weird noises coming from your computer, then you don’t have to worry that much as cleaning is what you need to do. On the other hand, if you can’t hear sounds, you can do a Windows search to open the Sounds menu. You can change settings from the playback tab as it may have been accidentally changed.

If you are using external speakers, you must set your speakers as the default device. You could also test your external speakers by plugging the 3.5mm jack to a similar port, such as the earphone or headset ports of most modern phones. If sound problems still persist, then there must be a problem either with your device drivers or the 3.5mm port, which should be updated or checked immediately.

4. Cannot execute a basic function like printing.

If your printer driver is updated and there is enough paper and ink in your printer, you can try to turn the device on and off. Also, check your Windows settings if your printer is set as the default device. Make sure that the Use Printer Offline option is not checked.

5. Blue Screen of Death (« BSOD »)

Once this problem occurs, your Windows system functions are affected. To fix this, you must first locate the file that is causing the problem. You can try repairing or uninstalling the file, then reinstall it with an updated version. If the problem still exists, then you might consider changing your hardware as this may be causing the « BSoDs ».

6. Cursor does not move or show.

If you can’t see the mouse cursor or it does not move, it is advised to shut down your Windows operating system to ensure that the mouse is well-plugged into the port before restarting your computer. If this method does not work, you can flip your mouse over and clean it as the dust might be the reason why your mouse isn’t working well.

7. Windows suddenly locks down.

When your Windows operating system hangs or freezes, there might be a problem with the system process. You can try fixing it by checking your computer’s registry entries. Since this part is very technical, you can install a registry cleaner that will do the scanning and fixing for your system.

8. A certain program does not run in your computer.

This might be caused by a Windows operating system incompatibility. There are programs and applications that are not supported by older versions of Windows. You can fix this by updating your Windows system to a newer version.

These are just some of the common problems that you may encounter with your Windows. Repairing them with the troubleshooting ways mentioned can help you, but if they seem to be hard for you to do, then you might consider professional help to avoid serious problems occurring in the future.

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