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Be Wary Of Too-Cheap Health Plans!


Do You Want Cheap Health Insurance?

There is no doubt that a good medical plan can be very expensive. This may be true if your employer provides a medical plan but expects you to contribute to the cost. It may be especially true if your employer does not provide a medical plan so you have to pay for the whole thing on your own. It is important to shop around so you can find the most affordable option that provides you with a good value. But be careful if you come across a medical plan that seems to cheap to be true! Valor Saúde Bradesco

Limited Benefit Plans

There are a variety of medical plans that provide limited benefits. These plans may be less expensive. They may also accept people that other plans would decline. Just be sure you understand what you are buying into if you decide to take a limited benefit plan.

Here is one example to help you understand the issue. One popular plan limits out-patient payments while providing major medical coverage for hospital stays. Just be aware that outpatient costs can be very high. If you should happen to need medical care that is not provided during a hospital stay, and your charges exceed the maximum, you could find yourself responsible for a lot of bills!

Is It Even Really Health Insurance?

Some plans provide a lot of polished advertising materials for health plans that seem inexpensive and inclusive. They may even offer to provide this plan for your whole family for a very low rate. Just be aware that some of these are actually discount plans, and they are not even major medical plans at all. I caution consumers about this because I have seen some of these advertisements, and it was hard for me to be sure what the plans really provided!

I actually called the customer service phone number to talk to a representative, and I had a hard time getting him to give me a straight answer. This was a big red flag for me. If you aren’t sure what you are buying, do not risk your family’s health!

Can You Find Affordable Health Insurance?

There are a couple of keys to finding an affordable medical plan. Get a basic understanding of how different policies will cover your health needs. Shop and compare to make sure you find a plan that meets your needs. Then be realistic about the type of coverage you need and can afford.

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