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Why Sports Trophies Are Important


A trophy is a reward, plain and simple. Athletes enjoy receiving sports trophies not just because the trophy is worth some monetary value. They enjoy it because trophies represent success. Let’s face it. Recognition and appreciation motivates positive future behavior. And achievements in sports are no exception.

Whether you want to award a player with a simple silver-plated trophy cup or a large standard award, what better way to show exceptional achievement than to award a trophy? Those who win trophies and awards cherish the pride and legacy that go along with the reward. The winner revels in the symbolism of the prize itself victory.   football trophies

Golf Trophies

Besides winning the big check reward, many golf tournaments honor competition winners with awards, big and small. Some golf trophies are huge silver cups, while others are in the shapes of golfers swinging clubs.

However, some tournaments also like to recognize golfers who have accomplished the most difficult shot in the game the hole-in-one. Hole-in-one golf trophies may also be awarded to skillful golfers who may not have necessarily placed in the tournament, but have carried out this significant achievement.

Desirable golf trophies and awards are typically made from silver, gold, pewter, resin, acrylic, bronze, crystal, or even wood.

Football Trophies

Probably the most famous football trophy of all is the Heisman Trophy. This coveted trophy is considered one of the most prestigious, and is awarded to the best player in the Bowl Subdivision of Division I Collegiate Football.

Recent winners of the Heisman Trophy have included Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and Troy Smith. The 25-pound trophy is modeled after 1934 football player, Ed Smith, and is made from cast bronze.

While not all football trophies are as well-known and celebrated as the Heisman, all talented players of this physical sport deserve credit! High school teams who are champions in their leagues typically receive beautiful plaques and trophies.

These prizes represent the determination and toughness needed to be victorious in this rough sport.

Baseball Trophies

Baseball, the All-American sport, prides itself on its tradition of giving trophies and plaques to its outstanding players. From Little League to the majors, all levels of play are celebrated with special awards. Some well-known professional baseball trophies include:

o Gold Glove Award awarded to top fielders

o Rookie of the Year, given to the top rookie player of the year

o Cy Young Award awarded to exceptional pitchers

But, not all awards are given on a professional level. Many players, young and old, enjoy this popular sport as a hobby and have joined baseball leagues in their own towns.

Baseball trophies awarded in these smaller leagues may include Best Outfielder, Best Batting Average, Best Home-Run Hitter, Most Improved you name it! Awards are also given for fun and sportsmanship.

While always important to reward gifted athletes with accolades, let’s not forget the hard-working folks who helped the competitors succeed the coaches! Winning coaches deserve sports trophies, too!

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