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Rights Ways of Preventing Your Silver Jewellery From Corrosion


People spend a lot on buying fashion jewellery these days; be it necklaces, earrings, bangles, or any other item. Silver jewellery is quite in these days.

Unlike gold or diamond, silver jewellery goes well with each and every type of outfit including casuals, formals, party wear etc. Besides this, silver jewellery can be availed at affordable prices too.  joyas de plata

You can find wholesale silver jewelry from both jewel shops as well as internet sites. Being attractive and reasonable, more and more people have started availing these jewellery items and more number of jewelry wholesalers have started producing these items on a large scale. However, one must also know that sterling silver jewellery pieces if not worn for extended periods of time can corrode or tarnish. Therefore, one must take proper care of these jewellery items.

Let us discuss the various ways for preventing tarnish and corrosion of this jewellery. First of all, you need to understand why jewellery items in silver tarnish. The tarnish on this jewellery is a result of oxidative reactions with sulphur such as hydrogen sulphide in the air and environment. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your jewellery is clean and properly dried before you store it.

Containers for Storing Silver Jewellery

You must be very careful while storing your silver jewellery. A container that locks out air is the most apposite option for storing jewellery as it reduces air contact which slows down the pace of corrosion. Besides this, you can also use common household items to store your jewellery such as zip lock bags, air tight boxes, or any other air tight bags with non- abrasive surfaces, preferably the ones made up of Mylar or Polyethylene.

The Right Place to Store Jewellery

It is advised to avoid excessively humid areas, areas where jewellery could rub against other items or areas with direct sunlight.

Apart from this, you should also keep the jewellery items away from surfaces that are chemically treated, including wooden counter tops. This is because they contain chemicals that might lead to tarnishing.

Besides this, there are other tools that can help preventing tarnish on your silver jewellery.

Anti-tarnish strips- These strips are sold in various places and are made usually from non-toxic materials that help in absorbing the tarnish-causing agents in the air.
Silica packs- These are little packs that can be found in various shoes boxes or medicine bottles. These packs are useful in absorbing moisture in the air; toss them properly in your container instead of trash. This way you will be able to prevent your jewellery from corrosion and will be able to recycle it as well.
Chalk- Store your jewellery with a few chalk pieces and it will automatically absorb chemical residues in the air.

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