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Are you worried that the packaging that you are using is not environmentally friendly? Well you should be, as it is in all of our interests to pay attention as to what packaging materials we are using today in our business. Medical Packaging

Indeed these days you may find that if you are not using enough recyclable packaging then your company is getting taxed extra for it. The same applies to recycling packaging from goods that your company buys in, if you are not recycling the packaging then the chances are you are paying more in landfill tax than you need to, as you are charged for every ton of waste that goes into the landfill, so every bit you recycle saves you money. But when it comes to thinking green then where do you start?

Well first of all you need to take a look at the company you are buying your packaging materials from. Examine their environmental policies for a start – indeed the first thing to do is check that they even have one. If not then seriously think about using another company, as no environmental policy does somewhat show a lack of respect for the environment.

First of all do they have set targets for how they go about recycling their own waste products? Secondly how much of the packaging they supply you is made from recycled materials? Around seventy five percent is a good target.

Does their paper and cardboard come from managed resources e.g. when a tree is cut down to make paper, is another one planted in its place? A good packaging company will use sustainable managed companies wherever possible.

Do they proactively look at new forms of green packaging and then suggest them to you as the customer? If they do then this is a very good sign.

Do they proactively segregate their waste packaging? Such as splitting out their cardboard waste, waste paper, plastic packaging and aluminium.

If a company does this then it should be reflected in the prices that they offer to you as a business.
All of the above are things that you should be looking for in a modern packaging company.

Thinking green is not just good for the environment but it saves you money as well. The less you send to landfill sites the less money you will pay out on rubbish disposal.

So when it comes to choosing a packaging supplier then have a good look at the environmental policies that they have in place.

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