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How to Choose the Best Trophy


It might be a relatively simple task to choose the best trophy at your local sports club or school sports team. But when it comes to corporate awards the choice becomes a little more testing. trophies and plaques near me

A golfer is happy to receive an award that features a golf ball, a player holding a golf club, or even a stylised tee! A hockey player or a cricketer is similarly likely to be happy with a trophy that represents some piece of sporting equipment relative to their individual sport.

But what do you choose when it comes to rewarding the best personal assistant in the accounts department? What about the best salesperson? These questions need not be as difficult as they first seem as you will soon discover. These days awards can be stylised to meet just about any requirement so that individual achievements can be specifically recognised in the most appropriate way.

What are the characteristics of a great trophy? In essence these can be boiled down to a couple of criteria which you can use when determining which want to choose for your next corporate awards night.

The trophy should be consistent with the company ethos. Some companies choose to make their award nights a low key, humorous affair whilst others like to keep things at a more serious level. The trophy you choose should reflect company expectations in this regard.
The trophy should represent the significance of the award. Many employees seek to win awards simply for the recognition it accords them with their peers and superiors. For this type of award the trophy should be a symbol and should be specifically designed to reflect this quality. For this reason a high-quality trophy should be considered rather than a ‘bottom shelf’ product.
Remember that for some people trophies are souvenirs and they will display them in their homes for all their friends to see. For this reason the style of trophy should reflect the end use, and should contain some element of the awardees personality. For example, if the best salesperson is also a keen gardener it might be appropriate to award a trophy that reflects not only the recognition of their performance in the job but also their hobby.
Customised trophies are appropriate in almost every circumstance if you want to make a good and lasting impression with your employees. Customisation gives you the flexibility to reflect not just company standards but also include an element of specific reward for high achieving employees. This type of customisation takes the trophy away from the sporting realm and makes them more individually appropriate, and is likely to encourage employees to meet the standards expected of them.
As you can see, corporate awards need not be a boring repetition of the events you remember from your school sporting days. Companies can take advantage of the customisation services available and the huge variety of trophies on the market to reward their employees in the most appropriate fashion.

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